Sunday, 14 July 2013

The South Island Con't. The Last of NZ... Kayaks on Milford Sound, and Queenstown, what a beauty!

The Last of Beautiful New Zealand

Milford Sound

After leaving Dunedin, we made the trek to Milford Sound. It took most of the day but the views were amazing. As you drive through the mountains to get to Milford, you end up going through this kilometre long one lane tunnel that they had to cut right through the mountain in order to reach the sound. We stayed at the Milford Sound Lodge in a little cabin made out of a storage container next to the water, at the base of a mountain under the stars. It was one of the most beautiful places either of us have ever been to.

We awoke early the next morning and hit the water on our Kayaks!! It was an INCREDIBLE day on the water. 

 Ready to Paddle!!! 

 I have never seen such smooth water and stunning views. This is Bowen Falls; it is 3x the size of Niagara Falls!


Queenstown is a lot like the Banff of New Zealand. A beautiful mountain town, lots of little shops and restaurants and lots of fun adventures! We spent our first day there walking around shopping and had a great Thai lunch. Later on we came back into town and had an amazing meal at Speight's Ale House right in front of a massive fire place. It was so nice to finally relax, sleep in and chill.

The next day we hit Queenstown Hill, a beautiful hike with a great view of Queenstown at the top! I am a huge fan of the beautiful forests here with no SPIDERS or SNAKES, the warm moist air, and the amazing landscapes.

 Love this shot of Adam :) 

After Queenstown we made the trek back to Christchurch to fly home... what an amazing two weeks!

PS. This was the cheapest gas we got all trip.. 206.9! Nuts! 

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