Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Great Ocean Road Continued!

Day One: Port Fairy and Griffith's Island

After leaving Adelaide we drove to Port Fairy. It was a long 7.5 hour drive but we made it in time to walk around Griffith's Island and see the light tower and the surrounding ocean and beaches. 

It started out as a beautiful walk until the rain and wind showed up! The last bit of the walk was a bit of a sandstorm but seeing the light tower, the black wallabies, and all else there made it totally worth it! After our walk, we hit East Side Take Away, a local restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood. We loaded up and had another sleepover in the Commodore with food and movies. This time we were parked right in front of the ocean. It was awesome! There was an intense storm that night and the waves were huge and the lightning was loud, it was really neat (and maybe a bit terrifying!).

Day Two: Port Campbell

Today was my (Sheila's) first day driving the car for a long distance. WOW it is so strange, I immediately tried to signal with the windshield wipers! Adam was so pro right from the start, I am even more impressed now! 

We arrived early in the day and had breakfast at the Alcove Cafe. While drinking my coffee, I looked up at the television screen to see a screen that said FIRES IN COOMA. Since we had been travelling we had missed most of the fires until now. We were scared about our town and our house so we called one of our friends in Cooma who assured us all was well! Whew... we then made sure to let our parents know we were okay too! Since bush fires are not really common back home we really had no idea the threat they posed until spending the summer here. There are plenty of plans, signs, commercials, radio ads, etc to inform and help people have a bush fire plan. 

Afterwards we headed to the info station to get a map of places to see today! 

We saw many amazing sights on our travels today. The Port Campbell area is home to:

1. London Bridge: A rock body in the ocean that looks just like a bridge falling apart

2. Lorc Ard Gorge: Another beautiful rock body in the ocean where you can walk down to the beach to view as well. This is the site where the clipper ship Lorc Ard ran ashore years ago. 

3. 12 Apostles: The Apostles are rock bodies sticking out of the ocean along the coastline. There is not 12 left but they still call them as such. 

This pic was taken down on Gibson's steps because the weather wasn't great at the higher up view point that day so our other pics aren't great.
4. Razorback: Another rock body (you guessed it!) in the ocean that is shaped like a razor.

5. The Gibson Steps: The last of the rock bodies we visited. This section was great because you could view it from above and then climb down the steps to the beach and walk along it while viewing the massive rock bodies along the coastline as well. It was beautiful. 

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