Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The GREAT Ocean Road!!

After a long trip to Melbourne from Cooma, and a good night's sleep we hit the Great Ocean Road on January 4. When we left Melbourne it was +34C @ 10:30am and it was HOT! The Great Ocean Road runs from Geelong to Portland with many places to stop and view the sights, swim, eat etc.

We made it to Bell's Beach, put on our first coat of sunscreen, and hit the beach. It was a beautiful walk down to the beach and we were in the water in seconds, the sun here is so different than home. We were roasting and the water was great! Bell's Beach is home to many great Surfing Competitions during the year, I think there is a huge RipCurl one in November. 

After our swim, we got back on the Great Ocean Road and headed to Lorne. We stopped in @ a delicious fish and chips joint for lunch and then hit the Lorne Falls. The drive down to the falls was really REALLY STEEP! We were very worried about Maximus the Great (our Commodore) and whether or not it would make it back up. The falls were beautiful and you could climb right up to them, AND Maximus handled the hills like a champ and we made it out of there!! 

After finishing @ Lorne we headed to Portland for the night so that we would be that much closer to Adelaide :) Portland is a bit more of an industrial type beach town but it was a good place to walk around. We got a couple of pizzas and found a park with a bathroom/shower station and made a bed in the back of the station wagon. We brought a speaker for our Ipad and hooked up a movie and tucked in . It wasn't too bad of a sleep, it was really hot at first... I think the temperature got close to 40C but it did eventually cool off. 

A pic of us in the back of the Commodore after our pizza and movie :) 

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