Thursday, 7 March 2013

Just a short drive away.. THE BEACH!!

 On the weekend of February 8 and 9 we got some Sunshine our way and decided to drive down to Merimbula and Tathra for the weekend :) 

We woke up on Sat am and hit the road! We rocked up to Merimbula around noon and decided it was a Fish and Chips kind of day! 
Needless to say the beaches were beautiful.

 Sadly, the gorgeous sun did not last all day and we ended up watching a movie in our car later on in the afternoon. The Commodore has been brilliant with our lil bed in the back and has saved us many times! When the rain stopped we walked around Merimbula and hit a great Thai restaurant for dinner! The owner (Chef) and waitress were so cute, we talked about Thailand, Canada and had a great meal! That night we ROASTED in the car. In Canada, the rain cools things off, here it comes and goes and the cloud lock in the heat and moisture and make you feel like you are in a hot oven!

On Sunday morning, the weather still wasn't awesome so we decided to drive to Tathra to check out the beach there. We ended up making sand sculptures and watching people surf for a couple of hours. 

I made a couple of things, but focused on my Little Penguin. I had promised a friend from home I would draw her a Penguin after being to Phillips Island and this was my shot at it... 

This is a Little Penguin. They are 30 cm tall. This one's name is Stumpie. He got his foot caught and injured but the people at the colony helped him by removing it. Now, he can still swim and walk just like all his friends. There are a few Stumpies in the colony. This particular Stumpie is pretty fat because he is moulting. He is a getting a whole new set of feathers so he is 2x the size of his friends

What a great weekend... cannot believe we are really here :) 

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