Wednesday, 13 March 2013

TARONGA and P SHERMAN 42 WALLABY WAY (aka Darling Harbour)

On the weekend of February 14-17 we headed back for another visit to Sydney. We spent the Friday at a New South Wales Teacher Exchange Welcome Conference. It was a great day where we got to meet the other exchangees in our state, talk about our experiences, ask questions and then go out and socialize at a great pub called the Great Southern Hotel and Pub. The food was fantastic and they had great happy hour prices. We ended up at the bar in our hostel with some of our fellow Canadians listening to a great band and hanging out. It was a great day! 

On Saturday we walked down to Circular Quay and hopped on a ferry to TARONGA!!! It is the most amazing zoo.... you take the ferry to the Taronga Zoo Wharf and then you ride the Sky Shuttle up to the top of the zoo. The Sky Shuttle is basically a big Gondola that takes you over the zoo and the animals. It was awesome. 

When you walk through Taronga the background is just as awesome as the Zoo itself. You walk in at the top of the Zoo to a backdrop of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Bridge, and the harbour. 
View from the top!

She's Personal Favs.. I love love LOVE Koalas, and Elephants and Gorillas :) 

While I didn't get to hug a Koala yet, we still have 9 months left... Aussie Bucket list :)

Adam's Favs:
Orangutans, Silver Back Gorilla, Seal Show and the Pigmy Hippo!

A couple other randoms...

On Sunday we made the trips to Patty's Market and Darling Harbour. We wandered around the Harbour, ate lunch (a seagull stole half my sandwich!!), saw The Hobbit on the World's Biggest IMAX and then made the sprint to the train station and caught a flight back home. It was an amazing weekend!

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