Sunday, 28 April 2013

WE MADE IT! ~Our trek to Oz's highest point Mt. Kosciuszko

Mount Kosciuszko

One brisk February morning we set out to "climb" Mt Kozi; it is Australia's highest point at 2,228 metres. We did the Summit walk from Charlotte's Pass which is an 18km round trip walk. Armed with snacks, sandwiches, water and LOLLIES we headed out with our awesome neighbours and a few of their friends! 

The Mountainside
A foggy but beautiful morning. 

Halfway there, time for a snack!! 

When we reached the top it was foggy, I mean really foggy! You could not see ANYTHING. The winds were blowing at 60km/hr and so we planned for some quick pictures and to get outta there. We have a ton of super windy, funny closed eyes pictures from those first few minutes. While we were taking this picture, the wind picked up even more... and the fog parted.

The view it revealed was truly breathtaking. It was incredible, magical even. Somebody up there must like us :) Hi Big Guy!!

Shortly after the fog returned and we got ready to start the trek back!
We made it! This is right before our 9km walk back. What a great day!


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