Saturday, 24 August 2013

Winter Holidays...on the Coast in the GORGEOUS SUNSHINE! Part 1 :)

For this set of holidays we planned a LONG but AWESOME road trip!

Day One and Two: We headed to Wollongong to see our FABULOUS friend Nic. We had a great and hilarious night with her; some much needed silliness and fun to help us relax after the end of term two! The next morning we had some breakfast and then headed to Maitland to see our friends Andrew and Penny:) 

Day Three: The next morning we woke up and put on our CANADA shirts!!! HAPPY CANADA DAY TO US!! We headed to Port Macquarie with the intention of hiking along the coast. The wind, however, had a very different plan. So instead we took a couple windy pics and the headed back to our hostel with some movies, snacks and pizza! 

Just a little bit windy.... 

Day Four: Today we drove into Coff's Harbour. It wasn't the best weather but we were able to meet up with some past Exchangees and visit Muttonbird Lookout. 

Run on the Beach? Yes Please!! 
Day Five: The next morning we got up early to head out to Byron Bay... but we did manage to make a quick stop at the BIG BANANA. Australia is FULL of Big Somethings... we have a Big Ram nearby and have apparently missed a bunch of other BIG things.. lol. 

When we got into Byron Bay, we wandered around town, the beach and got some food before we checked into our bed and breakfast! The Cavvanbah Beach House is the MOST INCREDIBLE BED AND BREAKFAST ever! Adam and I love love LOVED it here. It is owned by a lovely couple who make it feel comfy like home but add lots of special touches :) 

The view from our Balcony :)
One of our amazing all homemade breakfasts. Homemade bread, muesli, fruit compote, fresh squeezed orange juice, yogurt and coffee. All finished off with homemade jam and delicious honey!And yes we bring a jar of peanut butter with us on road trips... who wouldn't?

After our amazing breakfast, we drove to Watego Beach and walked up to the lighthouse! We ran into some fellow Canadian exchange teachers! 

It was beautiful up at and the lighthouse and on the walk back down... from there we headed back down to Captain Cook's beach and took our first ever SURFING LESSON!! 

It was INCREDIBLE! To be honest, I was super nervous and did not know if I would like it, let alone be able to stand up. It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. Adam and I readily got up on our boards and worked hard to get a little bit better over the 3 hour lesson. We were totally exhausted by the end of the day! We are looking forward to more surfing soon!! 

Day Six: The next morning we got up and hit Dreamworld! It was a pretty awesome day... we manage to jam pack the day!! 

1. Cyclone Rollar Coaster
2. Escape from Madagascar Show
3. Tower of Terror II
4. Motocoaster (a roller coaster on motorbikes)
5. We met PO!!! 
6. Thunder River Rapids Ride (not nearly as exciting as it sounds!)
7. The Giant Drop (120 m ~Adam did this one on his own!)
8. BuzzSaw (A circle rollarcoaster, Adam did this one on his own 2x)
9. World Wildlife (Awesome animals ~Koalas and a MASSIVE Croc!)
10. Tower of Terror II (Again cause it's fun!)
11. Cyclone (Again!)

So we were first in line to meet Po!!

The Giant Drop is 120 m. You sit up there for over a minute before the drop. Another ride (the Tower of Terror) also comes up this tower and rattles the whole thing while you sit there and wait... no wonder I took a seat and watched Adam! 

 This is Adam on the Buzz Saw,a roller coaster that goes in a complete circle!

 And here come the Koala pictures... I have so many. I love them so much!!

 After 10 minutes, Adam helped move me along. Otherwise, we might have been there all day!

Just a fat little wombat. Love them too. 

Day Seven: Today we spent some time in Brisbane exploring. We walked around the CBD, went to two art museums, and hit Street Beach ( a man made beach on the side of the river). Afterwards we went to our first AFL game! It was SOOO much fun! The field is RIDICULOUSLY massive, and the players are INSANELY athletic. It is a GREAT spectator sport!
 My handsome date!

Glorious sun... did get in the way a bit but it was so gorgeous out!

 Goofing around :)

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