Wednesday, 4 September 2013


AND I jumped up and down like a little kid. I also almost cried. Then I talked about it all day. And then I made Adam take me back to the Koala petting area two more times after to visit them again. Ooops. This was also after I spent half an hour watching baby wombats. I have a problem. 

I digress... 

So after we left Brisbane we hit the Australia Zoo. This is the Zoo owned by the Irwin family; it was originally a Reptile Park owned by Steve Irwin's Mom and Dad. He married Terri Irwin and the park grew into the amazing zoo it is today. They have huge enclosures at the park, many native animals and are building and expanding other areas as well. The profits from the zoo go into supporting, helping and saving animals which is pretty amazing. We even got to visit the Animal Hospital that they have opened there as well. It is open 365 days a year 24/7. It was such an incredible place. 

We were really lucky because the day we were there was the last day of school holidays and so the whole Irwin family was there. Bindi sang some songs, and Terri and Robert came out and did the Croc show with Bindi. 

We loved watching the Wombats. There was also a bunch of babies running around!! So cute :)

First time at the Koala area...

In case you don't get how HUGE he is... check out the next picture... 

She's about my height.. MASSIVE TORTOISE!

Second time at the Koala area!!

BABY Rhino :) 


And the THIRD time at the Koalas...

Adam's new buddy.

Finally found a sign with SHEILA on it...
 Day 9 and 10: Noosa

We drove to Noosa and were welcomed by GREAT weather. We walked around, had some lunch at the AWESOME surf club and shopped a bit. We went to Despicable Me 2 at night; great end to a pretty incredible day. 
View from the Surf Club 
When we woke up the next day, the weather wasn't as nice so we went for a hike up to Hell's Gate. It was INSANELY windy but the view was awesome. On the way back into town, for the first time ever, we saw a koala in the wild and a SNAKE. He was massive and just hanging from a branch 10 feet or so above us. We finished off the day with a beach run, a swim in the outdoor pool in the rain (people thought we were nuts!) and some incredible Thai takeaway. 

Day 11: Surfer's Paradise!
 When we got up, we drove to Surfer's Paradise and checked into the Crowne Plaza hotel. Our room was GREAT! It had a jacuzzi tub, a king size bed and lots of other great luxuries to end our trip off with. We walked along the beach, shopped a bit and went out for a great Italian meal at Mario's. 

Day 12: MovieWorld! AWESOME!!! 

We hit MovieWorld.... and managed to get the whole park done in one day. 
1.  Green Lantern Roller Coaster (Really upside down with just a LAP belt?)
2. Superman Roller Coaster (0-100km in 2 seconds! EEK! But so FUN!)
3. Arkham Asylum Roller Coaster (Feet dangle... nuts!)
4. Ice Age 4D Show!
5. Food Break :) Burgers and Fries!
6. Batman Show (With a car just like in the new movies!)
7. Car Stunt Show (Cars rode on their sides, and jumped from one building to another... well sorta.. I was tricked!)
8. Scooby Doo Roller Coaster (Really well done... I was terrified haha) 
9. Wild West Rapid Falls (Backwards Drop!)
10. Superman's 3D Shooting Game (Adam kills it!)

It was a great day... so distracted by acting like little kids that we did not take any pics. 

Day 13: SeaWorld! Another AWESOME day! 

We hit SeaWorld and just like yesterday got through the whole park! 

1. Fish Detectives Seal Show (Really well done!)
2. Dolphin Show (Wicked!)
3. Dinosaur Island
4. Penguins!! 
5. Shark Tanks
6. Swimming Polar Bear! 
7. Touched Rays swimming in the water. 
8. Jet Rescue Roller Coaster
9. Viper Roller Coaster
10. Spongebob 3D Film
11. Ropes Course
12. Jet Stunt Extreme Show (Saw a cool Water Jet Propulsion machine. It was insane!!)
13. Parade 

We ended the day with a great meal at Finnigan's Irish Pub and got a good night's sleep before starting our journey home! 

Day 14 and 15: These were our driving days back... 

Needless to say we had a long way to go back home but it was totally worth it!! 

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  1. I love the map on this post, now I know exactly where you guys are at!