Tuesday, 10 September 2013

CITY 2 SURF....World's Largest Fun Run!!!


We took a bus full of kids and hit Sydney for the City2Surf Fun Run... iti s a 14km run from Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach. We left early Saturday afternoon and got into downtown Sydney around 7pm. It was awesome to be able to take our country kids to the big city; we even had one student who had never been there before! It was a great and sometimes hilarious experience as our kids navigated Sydney's CBD, the 85 000 people at the race and all the other City things we don't have in Cooma :) 

The race itself was AMAZING! I am sooo glad we were able to partake in it. We got to the starting point for our group about 45mins early and just took it all in. Many busy streets we have previously walked in Sydney were shut down and there was wall to wall people everywhere. When we actually started the race it takes about 2-3 kms before you actually run consistently as you have manoeuvre around all the people. In the first few kilometres I ran past Elmo, Big Bird, about ten bands, and countless other people lined up cheering and singing. This continued for the whole race; it really makes the time fly by! There was even a residential area near the end and little kids lined the sides of the road with homemade cookies and other treats for runners. Adidas sponsored some amazing big screens along the way with music and messages from famous athletes. There were LOTS of people dressed up and running which was AWESOME! The sights along the run are not to be missed either, you get to run along the edge of a marina with beautiful sail boats, at the top of one of the hills you can look out and see the Sydney Bridge, and the last leg of the race brings you into beautiful Bondi Beach. It was insane; a totally incredible experience! 

All ready to go! 


Look at the mass of people... NUTS!

85, 000 people leave behind a lot of cups...

I found some SMURFS! About 30 of them!! 

Hello Sydney Bridge :) 
Adam killed it with a time of 79 minutes. I took a bit longer and came in at 108 minutes; if someone had said to me five years ago I would be able to take my lil back on a 14km run I would have thought they were nuts which made being able to do it here even more special. 

After we finished the race we got all the kids and waited for a bus and train back to the hostel to shower before heading home. It took us two hours to navigate the people and the transportation and get back to the hostel. We got some food and hit the road! It was a long 4 hour drive back after running that far but we made it.. with a few stops and driver changes and a lot of water and treats! 

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  1. Wow great job both you and your back!! Great memories your making!