Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Travelling to Oz!!

The flight down under was AWESOME! We had the emergency exit row on our flight to LA and then when we checked into Qantas... the guy said he liked us and gave us our own row for the 13.5 hour flight to Sydney! 

Adam and I were exhausted by the time we got on the LA flight and the trip to Sydney was pretty easy; we slept A TON! Qantas was hands down the best flight provider we have ever flown with, here's why:
1. They had an itinerary so you knew when services were provided.
2. They fed us two great meals (Sea Bass for Dinner and Bacon Omelettes for Breakfast)
3. They gave us a Refresh Pack to get through the night, it included snacks, water etc.
4. Each seat gets a blanket, pillow, earphones, eye mask and toothbrush + paste at no extra cost.
5. They have loads of movies, tv shows, music and games. You can even text message other seats on the plane. 
6. They have a water station for when you are thirsty and they have a snack bar so you are never hungry.

We landed in Sydney around 1030am on Dec 28. Kari had sent us an email that said to meet at Macca's. We had NO CLUE what this meant but figured we could ask someone there... so we did. 

The Security Guard we asked thought I was nuts. He replied, "You know... the big yellow M? As in McDonalds?" 

Yup folks that's right, I made a total goof of myself... a day later we found a sign that actually had Macca's on it. So we took a picture. :) 

Anyhow, we then met up with Kari, Phil, Georgina and Benson (the Aussies coming to you!) as well as their friend Nicole and went to the beach to get some lunch. WOW is Sydney ever beautiful. We went to Maruba beach near Cogee and hit up a Cafe for some food. After that, we headed to our hotel and Adam and I had a long nap! 

That evening we all hung out, ordered Thai food and drank a few beers while visiting! Kari and Phil are awesome, we are so excited for them to meet all of our Red Deer peeps. Their kids are also amazing; they have lots of energy and are tons of fun. We hope they enjoy the snow!! 

The next morning we said goodbye to Kari and Phil and headed off on our next adventure... driving. Driving on the wrong side of the road (well to us anyway). Out of Sydney. On the "Motorway".

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  1. I'm so excited to follow you guys on all your adventures!!
    I do agree Quantas is a great airline, they have some new perks since I flew with them.
    Keep up the posting!