Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Welcome to COOMA, our new town :)

We made it! 
This pic took a few takes, Adam set the camera up on a rock and had to keep jumping off and on the rock ledge to get the shot. After a few takes (or many), we got this one with both of us in it and smiling, success!!! 

The town itself is really cute; it has one main street with a few side streets that you can get to by taking one of the many roundabouts. (Adam figures he has driven more roundabouts here in the last month than in his whole life in Canada). We have most things we need here: a pool (which is only open during the warm months, three grocery stores, many 'bottle shops', a movie theatre, cafes, restaurants, random shops (clothing, bedding, books, bargain, Target Country~ kinda like Saan), tennis courts, ovals (fields to play sport in), a video store, and even a few fast food places too! It is one of the last small town before the mountain resort areas and so we have many amenities despite our small population. 

Cooma is LOADED WITH HILLS! Our street is all uphill for about one km and then when you get there, our laneway is 150m and we are nestled in the hillside. Our backyard backs onto the mountain region with many hills, high grasses and of course wildlife.

Here are a few house pics!

This is our front deck. This is also the front of the house, you come up to the house and the front door is next to the window this photo was taken from. The deck gets lots of sunlight in the mid to late afternoon. 

This is the living room right next to the front door. The main floor is really open and quite spacious.

This is the kitchen and dining area. Off to the right when you can see sunlight is the laundry room and back door (which leads to the back yard, the wilderness and our laundry line!)

If you go right down the hall there is 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our bedroom is quite large and has its own deck that faces the front of the property. Kari and Phil redid both the bathrooms before they left and they are AWESOME! They have rain shower heads, heat lamps and the main one has a great tub (for the cold Aussie winter ~ the locals tell us that despite the mild temperatures it gets quite cold because the houses are not insulated the same here). 

This is our front lawn area from the deck. This is about 1/3 of our yard. We have a huge area in the back as well and the yard goes past the swing set and ends with a trampoline. Under the deck, we have a garage and a carport. The garage is literally built right into the hill/mountain and so the back end of the garage is literally just huge rock from the hillside.

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