Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Ohh the suspense. We made it safely to Wollongong. Adam was AWESOME driving on the left side of the road. 

Wollongong is a beautiful city next to Sydney. Some might say it is like a Suburb but our new friend Nic told us there is upwards of a million people in the area. Definitely city-size to us Red Deer folks! 

Nic is one of Kari's friends from Primary school and she is the best! She came to meet us with Kari, and quickly became our first friend here in Australia. She offered us a place to stay and keys to her house and so we were off! 

When we arrived in Wollongong we walked around for a few hours, exploring the beach and coastline. They even have a 50m competitive pool that is free for patrons who just want to swim lanes.. you can jump out of the pool and right into the ocean as it is built right next to it. So cool! 

*Nic was so amazing and helpful; we would have truly been lost without her help and suggestions on what to do both in Wollongong and in Sydney. She even dropped us at the train the next am. Awesome new friend! :) 
Our stay in Wollongong was short, after exploring we went for drinks and dinner with Nic and planned to get on the train to Sydney the next day. 

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